Gaming Hardware

In Most Gaming or electronic Machines they will be equiped with a CPU(central prossecing unit), RAM(Random Access Memory) and HDD(Hard Disk Drive). without these you console or computer would not boot.

in a Game Console they will be equiped wit all three, a CPU, RAM and HDD. in a games console they will have standard hardware nothing extreeme and nothing too poor just average hardware, the only piece of hardware that is changeable in a console likr the XBOX 360, is the HDD, the size of the device varys from 4GB (min) upto 250GB (max). where-as you cannot change the CPU or the RAM because they are both on board. other hardware for Games Consoles would be a graphics interface, normally on most recent consoles the graphics will consist of a HDMI (High Deffinition Media Interface) and a HD composite. there is also other hardware on the motherboard of the console like a Ethernet port for internet connection and also optical port for sound, there are also several more ports for USB mainly to connect the controller or Compatable memory Devices. Some consoles have there own set port for a certain controller like the PS2 it had a custom connector where-as recent console desighns the controllers are wireless.


PC gaming consoles are also equiped with a CPU, HDD and RAM, these being the main hardware, hardware setout in a caomputer can be endless, you can buy certain motherboards, which allow more components to be inserted, like RAM you can buy a new board to allow more RAM slots, this allowing your PC to run faster and improve the spped of the computer for gaming purposes. ram is not the only replaceable hardware you can also upgrade CPU and HDD, the more IDE or SATA slots the board has the more HDD and Disk Drives can be inserted. HDD sizes start from a small 50GB and range upto 1-2 TB for just one drive. as you can see with a PC the upgrading can be endless, to allow for a better and stronger gaming experiance. also the PC’s graphics can be upgraded just as much as the rest of the hardware, from standard VGA to allow you to have HDMI for better visuals.

pc - gaming


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